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Norbert Németh
Norbert Németh (1975- )

Norbert Németh (1975- )




A researcher medical doctor (M.D. Ph.D., med. habil.), university associate professor and composer. He was born in Budapest, grew up in Ercsi, lives in Debrecen, Hungary.
The founder of the Medical Students’ Chamber Choir at the University of Debrecen Medical School, Hungary. He was awarded the prize Pro Universitate Juventutis (1998). He is a member of the Hungarian Society of Religious Music, International Kodály Society, Classical Composers Department of ARTISJUS Society (Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of Authors' Rights), founder and co-leader of the A&S Music Industry of the 21st Century Hungarian Music, between 2004 and 2012 Vice-President of the Con Spirito Musical Art Association.
He was given the prize Cultural Award (2001) and the merit Honorary Freeman (2010) by the Local Government of Ercsi for the role he has played in the cultural life of his birthplace.

He started to write music at the age of twelve and he has been composing ever since, as a prolific composer. His music comprises piano and organ pieces, solo instrumental pieces, works written for chamber, string and symphonic orchestra, choral works, requiem, Te Deum mass and opera.

His compositions were presented on several occasions in Ercsi, in Hatvan, in Debrecen (St. Anne's Church, ’Csonka’ Church, University of Debrecen, Liszt Ferenc Conservatory of Debrecen, Csokonai Theatre), in the Cathedral of Eger, in Budapest (Matthias Church, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Club Ratkai, Nador Hall, Bartok Museum - Memorial House, Palace of Arts) Miskolc National Theater in Hungary, in Sydney (Australia), in Beijing (China) (Jintai Art Museum, Forbidden City Concert Hall) and in Kiev (Ukraine) (House of the Union of Ukrainian Composers) at ceremonial concerts, at festivals, at charity, recital, church and orchestral concerts.



Main musical events, notable performances:


            A cassette with his music came out in 1999 containing A Mass for Medical Students (Missa pro artis medicae studiosis) and several other shorter pieces (Opening to Eger, Laudate Dominum, The Tenth Week) and it was published again in 2000 (© DOTE Cultural Office, 1998.). The musical pieces on the cassette are performed by Gabriella Hegyes, the Sol Oriens Choir and the students of the Liszt Ferenc Conservatory of Debrecen conducted by Sarolta Deményi. In the year of the Hungarian millennium the musical score of the mass was published by the Saint Stephan Society with the professional recommendation of László Tardy (© Saint Stephan Society, 2000.). Following the concert of April 12, 2000 Radio Bartók (the sole classical music radio of Hungary) made a musical interview with the author.


            The symphonic piece titled Gulls in the Skies of Freedom: An Homage to the Youth the Revolution of 1956 was written for the commemoration ceremony on October 22, 2000 upon the request of the 1956 Foundation of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and it was based on the short story of Magda Gy?ri titled 1956. At the highly successful world première the Symphonic Orchestra of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics was conducted by László Bartal and the ceremony was broadcast live on MTV 1 (Hungarian TV 1) and Duna Television (TV Danube). Dr. Ferenc Mádl, the President of the Republic of Hungary honored the event with his presence and he warmly congratulated the author on the music in his letter of appreciation. This piece of music came out on the promotion CD of the University performed by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (© Ars et Sanitas, 2001.). The musical score of the piece was published by Ars et Sanitas Company in 2001 with a recommendation from László Bartal. The symphonic poem has been performed at the ceremonial concert of ’56, organized by the Hungarian Embassy, Ambassador Mr. Sándor Mészáros and Mrs. Zsuzsanna Mészáros cultural attaché, with Beijing Xinya Kongqi Symphonic Orchestra (artistic director: Nicholas M. Smith) conducted by the author.


            His overture celebrating the event when the village of Ercsi gained the status of township came out on CD in 2000 (© Ercsi Eötvös József House of Culture, 2000.). The overture became the local anthem of the city.


   The opera titled Mendacious Romance was written in 2001 for Magda Gy?ri’s libretto based on Norbert Nemeth’ idea. In 2002 the libretto was translated into Italian by Dóra Várnai with the title Romanza mendace, and the English translation was made by Linda Domjan. While the music is modern it was written as a tribute to the opera of the 19th Century and the setting of the opera in terms of both period and location can be anywhere at any time as the music deals with global and timeless issues.

By the summer of 2003 a promotion film was made, which gives a cross-section of the opera titled Mendacious Romance and introduces the author. The film has a Hungarian, an English and an Italian speaking version. A cross-section performance of the opera was given on August 29, 2003 at Ercsi Eötvös Napok (Ercsi Eötvös Days) with the participation of a symphonic orchestra and opera singers. The CD containing selections from this concert and the piece Commemoratio , which was composed for the Opening Ceremony of the 7th Congress of the International Society for Experimental Microsurgery based upon the request of Prof. Istvan Furka, was published in the 2004 (© Convention Budapest Ltd., Ars et Sanitas, 2004.).

On April 17, 2009 a grand concert of Norbert Nemeth’s music was performed at the Forbidden City Concert Hall, one of the mostly frequented concert halls of Beijing, China. In the first half of the concert selections from the opera Mendacious Romance were performed by American, Austrian, Swedish and Chinese singers (sung in Italian) with the Xinya Kongqi Symphonic Orchestra (new name: Peking Sinfonietta) conducted by Professor Nicholas M. Smith (UK). The second half of the concert was entitled “Symphonic journey from the Danube to the Yangtze” with the Gulls in the Skies of Freedom, and with the world premières of the From Anatolia – Fantasia for Strings and of the Mystic China – Symphonic Pictures, conducted by Jin Ye, one of China’s leading young composers, conductors and musicians from the China Conservatory of Music. The concert was sponsored by Gerald M. Clarke (Ireland).


On January 28, 2011 a recital concert entitled Musical Dialogues: Ukraine - Hungary of Zoltan Almashi (Ukraine) and Norbert Nemeth (Hungary) was held in Kiev, Ukraine at the House of the Union of Ukrainian Composers. The concert was be performed by the The National Ensemble of soloists „Kyivska Kamerata”, conducted by Valerij Matyukhin. Works performed were: Zoltan Almashi’s Genesis, Chamber cantata, Nostalgia for cello, and Norbert Nemeth’s From Anatolia - fantasia for strings, Three Aquarelles and the In Khmelnytsky's Land, which piece was composed for this occasion. The concert was sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kiev Embassy of the Republic of Hungary.


Based upon the request of the Rectorate and Professors’ Committee of University of Debrecen, he composed a symphonic orchestra piece entitled ”Laudatio Symphonica Universitatis Debreceniensis” for the Centenarian Ceremonies, jubilating the 100-year official existing and history of the University of Debrecen. The première was held at the Csokonai Theatre, on February 3, 2012 by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Faculty of Music, University of Debrecen, conducted by Máté Hámori. An additional piece, the ”Ceremonial fanfare” was also composed for the Medical and Health Science Center.

His wind instrumental solo and chamber works composed in the last couple of years have been regularly and auspiciously performed countrywide (Club Ratkai, Nador Hall, Bartok Museum - Memorial House, Palace of Arts). The latest chamber concert held in the Liszt Hall of Faculty of Music, University of Debrecen (November 26, 2012) was recorded by the Bartok Radio.

In 2013 he was given the fellowship award of the Foundation for Culture of Debrecen.

In 2013 his three-act opera ”Mendacious Romance” (Italian version ”Romanza mendace”) was selected as one of the finalist works of the ”Key to the Future” International Opera Composer Competition announced by the Bartok Plus Operafestival in Miskolc, Hungary. The opera had been honored by the greatest audience success, and won shared first prize.

Also in 2013 the opera ”Romanza mendace” was given the BMO Mainstage Award in the International Composer Competition announced by the Boston Metro Opera (BMO) company.



Interviews, discussions and musical reports were broadcast or published in the mass media:


–  The press: several issues of Ercsi Híradó (Ercsi Herald, 1997-2010), several issues of Fejér Megyei Hírlap (Fejér County Post, 2000-2006), the September 26, 1997, the October 20, 2006 and the June 17, 2013 issues of Hajdú-Bihari Napló (Hajdú-Bihar County Daily), the March 16, 1998 issue of Egyetemi Élet (University Life), the October 2002 issue of Sydney Magyar Krónika (Sydney Hungarian Chronicle), Harrow International School Beijing Newsletter (March 2009), The Beijing Time Out (April 17, 2009), MTI Hungarian News Agency Corporation news at numerous internet portals (April, 2009). Communications by the Bartok Plus International Opera Festival 2013 of Miskolc.


–  Radio programmes: Debrecen Cívis Rádió (Radio Cívis Debrecen, November 4, 2001. 11:00), Kossuth Rádió (Radio Kossuth, February 18, 2000. 16:25) in the programme 'Népzenei Krónika', Bartók Rádió (Radio Bartók, August 22, 2000. 18:05) in the programme 'Hangadó', Civil Rádió Budapest (Radio Civil, Budapest, January 28. 2005. Disputa, 9:00-11:00), Radio Junior (August 21, 2005. 9:00-10:00), Klub Radio (February 16, 2013).


–  Television programmes, discussions, interviews and broadcastings:on several occasions between 1997 and 2005 in Ercsi Mozaik TV (Mosaic TV Ercsi), Debrecen Television (TV Debrecen, September 27, 1997; January 25, 2013 and May 29, 2013), Alföld TV (March 28, 2013), Egri TV (TV Eger, October 26, 1997), MTV 1 (Hungarian TV 1, October 22, 2000, broadcast from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Duna Television (TV Danube, March 31, 2000, October 22, 2000, broadcast from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics). Interview by Grace Sun (Green Pasture Media, UK-China, May 10, 2009, Dublin), Miskolc TV (June 21, 2013)





Selected works of Norbert Nemeth (Title, Instrumentation, Year, Duration)


Solo instrumental works:

Quoddam lucidus est – piano (1994), 6’

Tizedik hét (The Tenth Week) – piano (1995), 9’

Five intermezzos – organ (1995), 10’

Salutatio festa – organ (2000), 8’

Three aquarelles – clarinet (2004), 6’

Memento – bassoon (2005), 4’

Canyon voices – trumpet (2007), 5’

Leprechaun’s magic secret – bass clarinet (2009), 6’

Laudatio – organ (2009), 6’


Chamber music:

Scherzo minuto – flute, clarinet, 2 bassoons (1995), 1’

Opening to Eger – 2 trumpets, organ (1997), 3’

Trio – clarinet, bassoon, piano (2009), 5’

Monostorerdei diófák (Juglans of Monostorerdő) – clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon (2011), 8’

Ceremonial fanfare (Univ. Debrecen) – 2 horns, 2 trumpets, trombone, tuba (2011), 4’

Late summer – oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon (2012), 5’


Vocal works:

Requiem – S-A-T-B soloists, mixed choir, organ, symphonic orchestra (1994), 75’

Missa pro artis medicae studiosis (Mass for Medical Students) – mezzo-soprano voice, violin solo, mixed choir, organ (1996), 33’ – revised in 2009, 35’

Laudate Dominum – mezzo-soprano voice, violin solo, organ (1997), 5’

Psalmus CXXX – mixed choir (1997), 5’

Commemoratio – mezzo-soprano voice, organ (2004), 14’

Harlequin dala – baritone voice, piano (2005), 5’

Psalmus XCI – mixed choir (2005), 9’

Vocalise – baritone voice (2007), 4’

Te Deum – S-A-T-B soloist, boys choir, mixed choir, symphonic orchestra (2012), 18’


Orchestral works:

Az éjféli rózsa (Midnight Rose) – chamber orchestra (1995), 25’

Ercsi üzenete – chamber orchestra (1999), 4’      

Sirályok a szabadság egén (Gulls in the Skies of Freedom) – symphonic orchestra (2000), 9’

Mystic China - Symphonic Pictures – symphonic orchestra (2008), 21’

From Anatolia – Fantasia for Strings – string orchestra (2008), 20’

In Khmelnytsky’s Land – string orchestra (2010), 11’

Elegia con scherzo – string orchestra (2011), 14’

Laudatio Symphonica Universitatis Debreceniensis
        symphonic orchestra (2011), 12’

Aias – fantasia for symphonic orchestra (2012), 18’


Stage works:

Hazug románc (Mendacious Romance, opera in three acts (2001), 48’ + 45’ + 26’

Monsignore del Dongo, opera scenes in two parts (2002), 35’



Contact to Norbert Nemeth:

Address: Komáromy u. 10/3, Debrecen, H-4030, Hungary

Phone (mobile): +36 30 2783 993

Website: www.norbertnemeth.com, www.arsetsanitas.hu

E-mail: norbnemeth@gmail.com